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sounds just like what I need. Can anybody tell me if this applies to 7.1?
Will this work for 7.09?
Does this work with 7.0.6?
if it was for d7.3 it would have been good
How does this differ from the already built in Privacy settings for allowing certain actions for members, friends, or Public, or just changing Non-Member Allowed Actions to not be able to view profiles?
how they could apply this code to make friends only for sections of photos, videos, photo gallery, video gallery?
admin 1977 try login with a regular profile when it asks that I did and it worked
I'm also interested in this for general members.
I realy like this but is it posible to get a fix. I would like it not to show anything from underage person. blogs, friends, music, videos nothing to show up unless befriended. is this posible?
thank you very much the way it is now is still great
when i run the underage_install file it comes up with a pop message saying i need to log on, however, when i log on it keeps bringing that message up, i have followed every instruction step by step, so got fed up and deleted the files, any suggestions guys?
downloaded this and im using it on my site and its great.
If you set the minimum age to 75 then only friends can see users profiles. Users dont have a choice though if they dont want their profiles private.All profiles are private to non friends.
I got the status and mood mod from dolphin elite about 3 weeks ago, I cant get it to work,even paid someone else to try for me, I cant even get dolphin elite help with this!!!! I will not buy from them again!
Great Mod, Small cosmetic issue. There are no Icons on the Admin Panel. "D-Elite Add-ons" & "Underage PP" both have big red X's
Where does the user set their profile status to private or not private? I dont see how it works.
Can you direct us to documentation with this file naming convention?
Filenaming convention is still not met
Can you direct us to documentation with this file naming convention?
Thanks for all the input we will look into these areas of interest.
Great mod. I set the minimum age to be 75, which is max age to join....that way every member has to be other members friend to see the profile.
The mod itself doesnt need to be called underage...highly recommend to everyone.
Yeah, this would definitely be a great help if it could prevent guests viewing profiles. I am creating a site which is in desperate need of a secure feature like this to prevent unauthorised members viewing profiles.
We uploaded the new files.
Please let us know if there is anything you need from us.
for 6.1 version get rif of the blocks modifications, use standard PHP blocks instead.
for 6.0 version move your code to separate files
for all versions - place your files to separate directory
place your files in separate directory (you have prefix, it is good, but according to convention place it to a separate folder). Also you need to take out your code in original dolphin files to your external files.

Installation script says "Installation Complete" before any installation operation regardless it was successful or not!
Please, place your code in separate directory. Also improve your modification using php blocks (6.1.x only) - you will get rid of the modifications in most files.
Also you have not uninstallation instructions and uninstallation script.
It's a great start for providing protection to underage members.
Downloading this, it may not be a cure all, but it's a great start.
yep, this would be great for general members :-)
Interesting, we'll certainly explore that option with the next update.
Interesting. I would be more interested in this mod if it was for general members to allow or not 'friends' to view.
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