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Adam Thiele started two other companies in 2006 Cheat Fusion Hosting and Cheat Fusion Shopper. Adam starting building websites in 2003 in which he started his first website Cheat Fusion which was a cheat code website that listed cheat codes for many games. He was asked by a website visitor if he sold games and he said that he currently didn't. This gave Adam his first idea for his Consumer Electronics Retail company. After long hours and lots of research, he started Cheat Fusion. Later, he did not like the prices of his current web host. So he then wanted to start up his own web hosting company. This took 2 years and a great investment to start, but with constant updates to his hosting network and more staff to help him, he then opened Cheat Fusion Hosting in fall of 2008. DNA Tec Services uses Cheat Fusion Hosting as their web host and works like a partner company to host the websites that DNA Tec Services develops. While Adam Thiele was in Watseka Community High school, he helped the Network/Computer Technician with basic repair of the network and computer systems. He learned a few things about computer repair and actually was known at that school to help fix computers for free when the Technician was at other schools, just for experience. After that he faced a horrible trojan horse on his computer which he in fact fixed with research. After that point, Adam wanted to learn computer repair to make sure that this would never happen again (So far he has had no infections since then on his personal computer). As he taught himself more and more about how to fix computers, he then learned how to build them and helped friends out with computer repair and building computers for them. When Adam first started going to ITT Tech in Orland Park, he was told that he could work there helping the SST at ITT. The first day he went to ITT he met Jeff, the SST. Jeff told him that he could have a chance to work here and get paid. Adam responded, "When can I start". After a quarter, he was hired by ITT to work as student worker helping Jeff with IT work. There he learned even more about how to repair computers and build them. With the knowledge of both Technicians and his own research, he proved that he knows how to fix most computers. Adam's major at ITT is Multimedia. He learned how to make amazing art with Adobe Illustrator. As he progressed in skill, ITT recruited him to make graphics for them, including LAN party flyers. Adam has made several logos, banners, website graphics (and templates), etc. Adam met David Andras while working at ITT. After working together for almost a year, they decided to put their skills to work and start a Partnership company. So far the company is doing really well. Both Adam and David love their job and will continue to build visually appealing websites and do most computer repairs that customers throw at them. He is learning more and more everyday with computer repair, graphic design, and website design. Adam really enjoys his field and to him it is not work, it is just fun that takes time.

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