Dolphin 7.3.3 Manual Security Fix

This is manual fix for most important security fix in Dolphin 7.3.3. 

All previous versions are affected, so if you have 7.3.3 - you are safe - the fix already applied, if you have 7.3.2 or lower version, then the fix is required.

It's highly recommended to update your site to v.7.3.3, if it's impossible or will take some time, then apply the following manual fix.

Change the following line in inc/ file near ~187 line:

if (strcmp($aProfile['Password'], $passwd) != 0) {


if (strcmp($aProfile['Password'], $passwd) !== 0) {
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Thank you Alex!

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Thanks, Alex I'm really looking for because I have this secure issue with this version and I'm confused about assignment service uk but now it's fine keep it up

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Thanks  AlexT!

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