Help-My Forum's topics/posts disappeared

I have multiple websites.  One of my websites has a very detailed forum page.  Today I went to my website and all of my forum's topics/posts were just gone.  The host said the only backup they have is from 2 hours ago and said "Unfortunately, we do not have a backup prior to this as the backup script was recently executed overwriting the older backup. An alternative you might have is also contacting the vendor of the application and ask them if they could further assist you on the matter."

I don't understand most of what that means and Iam so confused right now.  I do not have a back up of my own, which I know is dumb but I could never figure out how to do it.  I am self taught and have gaps in my knowledge of things.
I am hoping for any info that can help me recover some of my forum.
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The location of the forum posts in the file manager could also help me incase the folder was bumped somewhere.

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This is the bug email i have:

An uncaught exception was thrown in

Type: PDOException

Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1615 Prepared statement needs to be re-prepared

File: /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php

Line: 169

Debug backtrace:
#0 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(169): PDO->query('SELECT `ID` FRO...')<br />
#1 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolDb.php(265): BxDolDb->res('SELECT `ID` FRO...', Array)<br />
#2 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolEmailTemplates.php(23): BxDolDb->getOne('SELECT `ID` FRO...')<br />
#3 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolSubscriptionQuery.php(234): BxDolEmailTemplates->__construct()<br />
#4 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolSubscription.php(312): BxDolSubscriptionQuery->sendDelivery(Array)<br />
#5 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolAlerts.php(82): BxDolSubscription->send('form', 'init', 0, Array)<br />
#6 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/classes/BxDolForm.php(146): BxDolAlerts->alert()<br />
#7 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/templates/base/scripts/BxBaseFormView.php(48): BxDolForm->__construct(Array)<br />
#8 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/templates/tmpl_evo/scripts/BxTemplFormView.php(9): BxBaseFormView->__construct(Array)<br />
#9 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/ BxTemplFormView->__construct(Array)<br />
#10 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/ require_once('/home/thefreem/...')<br />
#11 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/ require_once('/home/thefreem/...')<br />
#12 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/ require_once('/home/thefreem/...')<br />
#13 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/ require_once('/home/thefreem/...')<br />
#14 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/inc/ require_once('/home/thefreem/...')<br />
#15 /home/thefreem/theanimeproject/periodic/cron.php(13): require_once('/home/thefreem/...')<br />
#16 {main}

Called script: cron.php

Request parameters:
-- Auto-report system
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Every time I go to a page a forum post use to be it reads as follows.  Please note that I am already logged in as the admin.

Access denied. You must have special permissions to access this area or you are not logged in.
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Hello Ikainica!


Very sad to hear such terrible news. But there are some questions to your hosting provider - if they haven't the actual backups how we may help? Especially if this trouble seems to relate to database issues. They need to restore at least the latest DB backup first.

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What version of Dolphin are you running?  I may be able to help.

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Don't restore anything at this time; first we must see what is actually happening.  I may be able to help.  Send me a PM please as I need access to your server and site and you don't want to post logins and passwords to the open forum.

Geeks, making the world a better place
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They were actually able to recover it much to my surprise.  It is still really unclear what happened.  Could anyone tell me how to make a backup on my computer.  I just signed up for back up services but I would like to have my own copy as well.  I have alway been confused on how to make website backups as dragging and dropping the files doesn't seem to work.  I have Transmit in with  I can use FTP.

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I use "Core FTP" is free and works very well.

First step: You have to create an FTP account (username and password).

Second step: Open Core FTP and enter the IP address of your server + your domain + your FTP name and password

Third step: Once you are connected, you can copy all the folders you want.

Fourth step: Remember to also make a copy of the Database. In your dolphins in tools, you have an application to make full copies of your database and it works very well.


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For example, you may review how to backup your database with phpMyAdmin

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Thank you : ) I am just so relived to have my site's forum back up.

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