Splash Banner Resize in Evo

I have been trying to change the way my Splash Banner resizes on a mobile phone.

I have tried changing the code, resizing the text so it does not get cut off, etc and had no luck.  It looks fine on the computer but the second I resize it on the phone it looks different.  

I am using an evo template.


Quote · 23 Dec 2021

Hello ikainica!


May you please provide us your CSS code which you prrformed to change thr logo size.

Quote · 24 Dec 2021

As far as I'm aware, the logo and splash both resize very well on a phone from the standard EVO template. My sites work okay.

Quote · 26 Dec 2021

I checked your site with my android phone, and the logo resized just fine.

You may want to consider cutting the size of that image down a bit. More like a lot.

11824x2679 is insanely large. That's a resolution for a ultra wide 10K monitor.

It's 293K in size and takes a couple of seconds to load.

I would reduce it to no more than 2880px wide. The current size is absolutely insane and totally unnecessary. I would not be surprised if some phones may not even be able to handle it properly.

Quote · 27 Dec 2021

Sadly image resizing is something a lot of people don't consider. Thus my reason for messaging Deano about the subject in the past. My banner image is 700 x 120 (approx) at 80% It uses about 145kb

Quote · 30 Dec 2021
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