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Greetings -

I’ve been using Dolphin for about 5 years now. And the most critical issues I’ve been encountering with Dolphin has to do with SECURITY. Here is one thread I posted not too long ago on Bonnex Forum

where one of my Dolphin sites has been consuming so much resources on my dedicated server to the point where it brought down my whole server. As result, I paid the consequences. I am running see more a business, I can’t jeopardize my other clients websites that are non-Dophin sites – so what should I do? It is beyond my budget to purchase a second server and dedicate it to Dolphin clients only.. I found out later that Boonex will help you further around the security issues, but you have to be a premium client, which I can’t afford either..

So it must be another solution that is more cost-effective and reliable. That’s when I contacted MSCOTT

Working with MSCOTT for the last three months has saved me all the security headaches I encountered for the last 5yrs. He installed Mod_security and CSF firewall and he configured them properly. I just can’t thank him enough for the great assistance and the extra efforts he has done to make my Dolphin sites as stable as they are today and most importantly, they are now well SECURED. No more SPAMs, no more fake emails, and no more intrusions :-)

To see what I am talking about, here are some Alerts/Hackers from China & Russia I’ve been getting and were STOPPED promptly before they could harm my system:

IP: (CN/China/-)
Failures: 3 (mod_security)
Interval: 300 seconds
Blocked: Permanent Block

IP: (RU/Russian Federation/-)
Failures: 3 (mod_security)
Interval: 300 seconds
Blocked: Permanent Block

IP: (RO/Romania/-)
Failures: 3 (mod_security)
Interval: 300 seconds
Blocked: Permanent Block

Also, I was very concerned to give out my root access to someone I don’t know. I can say without any hesitation, that MSCOTT is a trustworthy and rest assured you can rely on him 500%. MSCOTT is very knowledgeable, he exhibits great technical skills, and he has been very patient with me and he returns my emails in a timely manner. My system has been stable for the last three months now, I wish I consulted with him 5yrs ago.

I would highly recommend MSCOTT to any one who is or has been having security issues with his Dolphin sites, you will be happy with his services indeed. I am :-)

If you need more info. send me a pm, I will be happy to forwad to you my logs and show you how protected my server is today Vs the last 5yrs...

Thanks! I'm glad I could help!
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