In reply to IgorL
Beyond Impressed!

We are on our first install (PRIME) with Igor and it has not been an easy task to deal with or our "trumped up server(s)." Igor has been, without a doubt, the most persistent business professional we have ever dealt with in this industry.

Understand, we do not have a personal relationship with Igor. We only know him from the prior recommendations he received. And that is how we chose him for our BOONEX AGENT! His past recommendations are true and glad we see more relied on them to pick him as our Agent!

His dedication and persistence is as if he is "our" family. Igor will "go to bat for you" and "hang in with the headaches and upsets" these transactions can sometimes become.

If you have your own servers, like we do, Igor can navigate through them like a "champ!"

It is because of Agents like "Igor" that Boonex enjoys the reputation it has!

We can assure you! That if you are looking for a "out of the box solution" Agent, IGOR is your BOONEX Agent of choice!

Thank you Igor for that massive install you just completed for us !

We look forward to throwing you our next install!

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