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Yes I stopped the work because for one you said you you where tired of working for one, and then you installed a template filled with errors and said it was done. When I pointed out the errors from your installation then you refused to fix them until I paid you more money. Now you put up a message saying you dont ask for any money untill all work has been completed and the client if happy, then tell me why was you asking me for more money when you had not completed the work. The clone template that see more I wanted, I showed you in the begining of the project. I asked you for a price. I even offered to pay someone for the clone files to help make your job easy of adding customaztion to it. But you did not want the clone files. You said you wanted to build the website from scratch on your own. Now is that my fault that you where not able to do what you said you wanted to do. So while you up here trying to act like you did nothing wrong and only tell these people on boonex half the story, you need to be telling the whole story of how you lied and are unable to do work as you say. Our agreement was half up front and the other half when work was completed. How the fuck can you call a messed up template with errors finished. I still have the emails of the screen shots of all the errors. I can post that up as proof. And I have all of the other emails of our agreement and all of the request of you continuing asking for money, but had not finished your work. You are a cruck and believe me, your going to get yours. For anyone who wants to see proof of this matter contact me at and I will be happy to show you all proofs of how he fucked up my website with screenshots and emails of him asking for more money when the job was not finished.
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