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Ivan is an amazing developer. I have an 11 year old dating website with over 50,000 members and it had very old technology and I needed to upgrade obviously to newer technology.

I went thru 4 different programmers from the boonex community before finding Ivan. All previous programmers failed terribly.

I was told that what I wanted to do was impossible more times than I care to remember.

With Ivan anything is possible and is done easily and quickly with a great attitude.

I see more had programmers who charged a bit less per hour but in the long run they were much more expensive because Ivan completes projects so quickly.

Ivan moved all 50,000 of our members info, profiles, photos and communications from our old platform to a very altered version of dolphin. The transition was completed in January of 2012 and was done without any errors!

He also moved our recurring billing from inhouse to Authorize Net and handles all of our payment integration.

He also set up our autoresponder system thru Icontact to interact with dolphin so that when certain events happen on our site it works thru the API system of icontact to trigger an appropriate email to the member.

In addition we had our own 'sales funnel' which had to be put in front of the dolphin system and he merged them together gracefully.

He is thorough, quick, responsible and effective.

I look forward to working with Ivan for many more years as we grow.
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