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I hate to go on about this but i feel i must defend myself. I cannot have negative content posted about my company without some defense. When you requested a backup i replied the next day. I made a full backup for you in the home directory. I also sent you an email advising you of this. You should be mad at your new host not me! They had over a full week to do the transfer. I transfer sites everyday without backup. All you had to do was compress the public_html directory and export the databse via see more php my admin. How can you run a site for 5 years and not know this? That was how i did it when i transferred your site in the first place as there was no backup then also. You knew full well that the account was already past due and that i had re-enabled it as a professional courtesy. You make it sound like i went out of my way to screw you over and that is not the case at all. I wish you the best and apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.
To all boonex members, i apologize for having to post this in such a public manner but feel i must defend my self..... I love dolphin and everything it stands for and hope to continue providing my services and mods in the future.
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Hey Luc,
I have just created a backup for you. It's in your home directory. The file is called "backup-3.6.2013_10-33-23_eugoodne.tar" let me know if i can do anything else to assist you?
Thank you, Wayne
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