In reply to globalweb
I can’t believe that this is about Global Web, Wayne you need to sue dante1962 for deformation of your character.

This doesn’t look like Wayne, somebody that even at 2:00AM you’ll get him to help you.

I’ve been using his product and services for some time and had never had any problem, what’s datel1962 talking about? Did someone pay you for this sabotage? If you don’t know how to do things, ask and learn.

Mr. Moderator please remove this nonsense from this blog and ban dantel1962 see more from this site for deformation of Wayne character else you’ll be losing customers, I can’t stand this.

Globalweb and Wayne have Outstanding Products, Services and professional customer service, I’m telling you; don’t listen to what dantel1962 just wrote, he might be an agent or competitor.

I’ve been using Globalweb products and services and never had any problem.

I Highly Recommend them to all those who need professional product, service and excellent customer service...
Thanks for your time and understanding.

Silver Spring, Maryland
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