In reply to globalweb
I paid 2 mods
You asked me to pay installation mod
Then say you can not install mod because it is compatible
I looked before buying mod compatibility and was good.
Worst of all is that you entered in the attempt on my web and generated database error.
Despite bad reviews from you trusted you profile.
But I see that all bad reviews are real.
You now say you choose your shop other mod instead.
I can not do that. I want you to give me back my money.
Also would you not continue fooling Boonex see more members.
This E-mail I will get to the moderator so you know that you are a bad element in our community.
Tengan cuidado con este vendedor.
Yo le compré 2 mods y tuve dificultades para instalarlos. Era imposible y generaban errores.
Me puse en contacto con él y me dijo que pagara la instalación. No me orientó sino que directamente me dijo que pague por instalar los mods.
Después me dijo que no podia instalar mod porque no es compatible
Yo antes de comprar los mods miré compatibilidad y según él eran para mi dolphin.
Lo peor de todo es que entró en mi web y dejó un error de base de datos.
A pesar de los malos comentarios confié en este individuo. Pero ustedes no lo hagan porque todos los malos comentarios son verdad.
Después me dice que elija otros mod de su tienda a cambio. Pero yo no quiero otros mods porque no los necesito y menos si tengo que volver a tratar con este tipo.
Exijo que me devuelva mi dinero y espero que lo haga.
Además quisiera que no continúe engañando a los miembros de Boonex.
Este E-mail lo haré llegar al moderador para que sepa que este vendedor es un mal elemento en nuestra comunidad.
I had replied to your email several times letting you know that the email module doesn't work on your site and asked if you wanted to choose any one of our other modules and i would install it. I never heard back from you.

The login info is not working. I am trying to check it for you. The error is a simple error not caused by me. Please send your info to my support email you have so i can take a look. More info on this error here: see more I will check if you send the new password.
I also said that if you didn't want to choose a new module i would give you a refund. You seem to not be getting my emails.
I have issued you a full refund from paypal. I did not nor would i ever sabotage your server. I have been trying to help you. I have serviced thousands of customers and would never do this to anyone. I have no reason to do this to you.

The server has a simple misconfiguration that can be fixed easily if you would send your login info i can fix it for you. It is a simple permissions error on a file. Please give me a chance to look at and fix this for you.
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