In reply to Andrew Boon
Happy New Year to everyone from Barcelona
I was doing just fine and getting to grips with 7.0.9
Then they went and broke everything by so called upgrade to 7.1
It is NOT an upgrade. Stop telling lies
It is a NEW platform. Everything is new.
It cost me a lot of money and I am very upset.

Sorry people but the changes are rubbish. I feel very more sad than upset.
The coders and developers ought to to be sacked. Slapped first.
Especially the person who has done the theme CSS.
Its see more quite pathetic actually.

When Andrew did things himself he did it right.
Hire Modzzz and Deano to sort it out for you if you dont have time Mr Boon

95% of Boonex customers are probably amateurs with little or no money.
And little or no idea about social networks and such technology.
I am part of the 5%. I like 7.0.9. It works. Its beautiful. Its simple.

7.1 is rubbish. Stay away.
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