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I Purchased the all mods pack. I am Exteremly Happy with the product that was sold to me. But I ran into a problem The problem was NOT Nextgate's fault. I will Repeat The problem was NOT Nextgate's fault. I Will Repeat again The problem was NOT Nextgate's fault. It actually was Boonex's fault , it did not work correctly with Paypal and it took longer. Nextgate had to manuley set to download when I notified Nextgate. He then rectified the problem quickly. I Want to let you know that I ordered see more Friday morning and had the product in 24 hours after Purchase. Now keep in mind this was on a weekend when I notified him that Boonex did not work correctly and I was not able to download the mods. Now I have them installed and they are doing exactley what he promised in his add. Good Customer Service. I did not have any problems installing the applications from the instructions he provided. If you follow the instructions he gives you on how to install the application, then you do not have any issues in getting the applications to work.
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