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Dating and social networking sites are all about sharing. So once cyber bullies, spammers, and predators scare off a few members, it's likely the start of an avalanche of good customers fleeing your site. That's why it is important to expose and shut down troublemakers before they can strike. And for that, iovation is your best ally. Stop online criminals with device reputation. Unlike most anti-fraud measures, which look at the person connecting to your site, iovation Reputation Manager™ goes deeper to identify the computer being used. Then, checking against a dynamic, device database of over 250 million, we deliver a device reputation that exposes histories of negative behavior so you can deny access to threatening accounts before your good name gets damaged. What's more, investigative tools further help you catch bad guys by spotting characteristics consistent with fraud, such as an abusive number of accounts. And once a device being used by criminals is exposed, you stay protected from it; fake identities or new account attempts are, frankly a waste of their time, not yours. Our device reputation service helps minimize: * Romance Scams * Email Spam * Financial Fraud * Profile Misrepresentation * Phishing * Predatory Behavior * Cyber Bullying * Chat Abuse Rid your site of undesirables and protect your reputation as a safe and trusted environment.

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