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18+ Social Network Site. Custom Modifications Requested.

I am looking for someone who can not only customize the overall look of our site, but also add some custom coding to perform certain functions. While we have some extensions, we need specific customization. 


  • Simplify the mailbox
  • Make it US based only
  • Autofill county based on selected state, then autofill city based in county. CSV file with info ready.
  • Create a community based "vouch" system where members can answer a set of questions, based on the answers, say someone is safe or unsafe.
  • Modify marketplace to filter by city, zip code, etc.

There may be other small changed and requests along the way.

This, depending on work and ease of communication, become long term or full time work.

Serious inquiries only, please provide examples or links of custom work you have done.

No bids so far.
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I'm building something similar on my own currently...wonder if the concept is the same, maybe combine resources
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