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65k Profiles Installation

Hiya, There was a problem with the server and all my pics were lost. I have 65k profiles that need to be re-installed either that if there is anyway to just add the pics in with the profiles??

If this can be done I would also like to save the last 4,000 members. Will trade 65k profiles with pics to re-install this.


So, what I need is for someone to skim off the last 4,000 members and reinstalled along with 65k profiles

No bids so far.
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hello sir ican do this for 50$ only if u want add me to skype dragon_x30 thanx
Hey, Thanks Someone is supposed to be looking at it today same bid. If it doesn't work out I'll give you a shout. My host/tech did something and they lost all the pics so I have one of the packages 65k profiles, it was originally around 95k but, I didn't know about the Database Pruning and I lost a few.
I would like to have the last 4,000 members skimmed off the top and this 65k database and pics to be put in. I don't know how all this works but, simply I want to have the 65k profiles added without see more loosing the last 4,000 members.
Thanks, Rob
i can up date ur site what ever u can pay i'll accept here is my odesk profile you can send me mail on


thanks stay cool......... faheem
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