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Bug fixing

We need a help to fix a bug as below description.

If you can, estimate the fee in advance plz.

you can check it on here.




We have tested several time in different process. but it seems that default dolphin 7,0,4 has issue to cause this bug...




Found bugs on all album viewer page.
ajax link on paginate button is not working .

On "domain/m/photos/albums/my/main"

On "domain/m/videos/albums/my/main"

On "domain/m/sounds/albums/my/main"


loading image keeps showing and no changes.

"javascript:return !loadDynamicBlock(252, 'http://yourdomain.com/m/photos/albums/my&r=photos%2Falbums%2Fmy%2Fmain%2F&status=approved&page=2&per_page=4');; return false;"


hen you copy and paste "http://dejavu-intl.com/m/photos/albums/my&r=photos%2Falbums%2Fmy%2Fmain%2F&status=approved&page=2&per_page=4"

It does not appear as it should be. but when you return the address, it shows but reload.

Have looked at 7.0.3 and earlier version, it's working ok and has same script as above.


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its a very tricky issues but just let me know if your okay with $45. Thank you.
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