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Cool Programming Partner Wanted!

Hi Dolphin Programmer,


my name is Jerry and I am looking for a cool partner to start a new project in Singapore which is based on dolphin. I really love the product and I want to work with someone who is willing to work together with me for a longer time. Not just a short project, but someone who also would like to participate in the revenues we will generate instead of just getting a one-time cheque.


For all who already read this once before, I want to say, I am sorry. I have had some personal issues which kept me from continuing this project for roughly two month. Now I am back on track and determined to get it up and running. And what better day could there be than Valentine's to kick the project off! I hope you are still with me. But let me share who I am looking for first:


This is not a full-time project for me, but one that is very dear to me and I am looking forward to get that baby up and running as soon as possible. So I am looking for a partner who is committed to help me on this, pushing it forward. I need someone who can do the programming, extension, maybe do some designing and also can help to make the project big. If you have some project references that would be cool!


The whole project evolves around a dating site. The market is practically non-existent here and this in an environment that is particularly relationship oriented, online and social media savvy. So for everyone who is ready to create something amazing with all sorts of new media and gadget integration, you are my man/woman!


If you want to discuss more details, please leave a comment!


I am already looking forward to working with you!


Let's get started!!




No bids so far.
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i can start please let me know more details.
im not a programmer but have alot of php xperience and am the current senior tech admin for http://www.spicemusicradio.co.uk i have worked with the dolphin script for a good few years now and some of my other projects i have worked on include socketmail.com
WELL its been 14 days since modloaded replyed what sort of ?partner leaves it two weeks before even coming back with more information or responding?
sorry i think im out but give me a shout if ya get stuck
I am sorry to leave you guys waiting for so long, but I had some tremendous personal issues, which are all resolved now. And I am ready to get started now! So lets rock!
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