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Customizing Boonex Module Sites#2

Still with the latest update of boonex 7.0.6 the thumbnails in SITES are not updated.


What is the problem?

If you add a site, and if the thumbnail has never been fetched before by ShrinkTheWeb, you need to hit F5 a couple of times to refresh the page untill STW (Shrink The Web) fetched a thumbnail. Sometimes this is fast, other times it can be very slow.


Proposed solution to problem:

if someone is browsing (viewing) the sites page on the website

1) check if the thumbnail is loaded

2) if not loaded, initiate a refresh, to fetch the thumbnail

In the Database photos will get a name if thumbnail is fetched, otherwise it is a ZERO .. so not a very difficult task to program. and that is why the budget is low.


check forum : http://www.boonex.com/unity/forums/?action=goto&search=1#topic/Shrink-The-Web-Thumbnails-Not-Working.htm

for more details


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