goldo10Designinstallations, design, custom, module, payment, modification$500-10000 bids$0 average bid18th of March 2011


I am looking for an experienced, trustworthy and professional Dolphin developer to work on ongoing features and customization on my social networking site. The developer must have experience with Dolphin.

I would like to work with a team or individual who can work fast, has integrity can deliver sections on a daily basis until completion.

I want to fully customize the site, all pages, sitewide theme (css/graphics)
Custom heater and footer
Custom homepage layouts and design
Friends import..from fb, myspace, yahoo, and other social site.
member can choose profile skin: myspce like
Music page design, (mp3) like
Job posting and Recruiting. Able to charge
Appartment rental listing with capability to charge
Forum page redesign with member pictures when posting.
TV Like as a tv network not live streaming TV
Games, Location favorite place like
I am not looking for a template, please do not bid on this project if you are not able to get the work done, do not waste time.
Please bid right,.....
Please also provide references of previous work as well as your company/professional website with clear contact information about yourselves. We do not want any contact from agents, but direct contact with the programmers or the technical companies.

Please understand no payment or deposit will be made until work is completed or almost

you must have a dolphin licence.

This is initially a one time job although may become ongoing depending on the sites activity.

Thank you for your interest.

No bids so far.
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I would be interested in someone for my customers project if you have found them and they have done good work!..
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