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Developer Needed - 2 jobs


I need to let profile holders have the ability to add a banner of their website to their profile page and any submitted gallery pages by them, they would add this banner at profile creation or at edit profile stage, but I also need the system to supply them with my banner and do a check of their website links page to make sure my banner is there everytime they upload a new gallery to me.

I would need to be able to move the banner holding box around the page like you can with other boxes to plave it where i want it, the banner holding box would also be invisable if that profile holder didnt have a website.

This would be a optional feature to all profile holders.


Job 2


On the main gallery page you only get to see 1 picture at a time, then you have to click the arrow to see the next picture in the set, I want all the pictures uploaded in that gallery to be displayed down the page, that will also mean I want to limit 12 picture per gallery.


Thanks Simon

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can do it.
please let me know

I can do job 2 for $100 today.

Let me know,


I have reviewed your posted requirement and interested to work in your projects. Please get back to me with your detail requirements so that I can give you a competitive quote.

My team has good experience in Boonex Dolphin theme/skin design, Installation, Upgrade, Customization, Integration and Custom module development, therefore we are well capable to deliver you a quality solution on time and cost effective price.

We can deliver quality solution on $10/hr and Flat price too.

Let see more me know if you need any further information about our services or delivery process etc.

Look forward to get your positive response.

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