AkykoOthermodule$100-3001 bids$100 average bid15th of December 2010


I need an extension that allows users to surf on Facebook.
Something like having Facebook in an Iframe.

Friendmaza18th of December 2010bid: $100  timeframe: 2 daysPermalink
will do that for u. thanx
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next time before placing a job search the Market as there is loads out there my favourite is http://www.boonex.com/unity/extensions/entry/D2Facebook_and_D2Twitter_Combo_Package this is a twitter mod and facebook mod but there is alot out there that allows you to do pretty much anything on facebook

or save cost and iframe it lol but its not that expencive and mods4dolphin is a great seller
next time before comment read carefully what I am searching for...
I already seen and tested ALL the possible Facebook mods but no one has what I am looking for.
I need an extension that allows users to surf on Facebook without leaving , never, my dolphin website.
http://www.spicemusicradio.co.uk test the facebook app on my site live yall see your users dont leave your site ever
they stay on your site to post edit read mail etc it does not support games but some of them out there do
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