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Finish work D6 Night Guide

After Mydatery vanishing and not hearing back from Andrew boon about finishing my site I need someone to finish what mydatery started and fix some minor bugs.

What I need done

* The join page needs to be split so that members and businesses can join in different ways

* A payment needs to be on the join page for Businesses

* Some sort of IP to Locations needs to be put in the Admin for Members and Businesses

Please contact me for more details this is not a small job and will have on going work to do. As I have been ripped off already please not I will not pay in full upfront as I lost a lot of money like this I do pay my bills but I need the work to be done first.

I will pay half now the rest when the site is done

concytec30th of July 2010bid: $500  timeframe: 15 daysPermalink
Hi I can do it for you, here some examples: http://newtonyc.org/ http://www.govit.com/ http://communaute.convivoo.com/ http://www.electionu.com/ http://www.sobrietysingles.com http://www.mylatinlady.com/http://www.vecindaria.com http://www.cupidicity.com http://www.meetlatinlove.com http://www.globalwebideas.com Contact email: arcecito_net_4@hotmail.com Regards
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Andrew Boon
As I stated before we're happy to back it and help with what MyDatery hasn't finished, but we have very limited resources when comes to doing something custom. IN this case it's complicated with less than clear tech requirements and details on what's done already. If you make an agreement with somebody here at Unity and get what you need done, we'll support that as much as we could, financially or otherwise. It's not a promise, but an expression of readiness to support. At this stage the whole thing see more a bit blurry.
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