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Footer Bar status

Please help me out for the following problem I am facing:

I am using Dolphin 7.0.6 and the problem I am facing is that when I'm logged in and set my status in the footer bar to online. If I am inactive for some time or visit other tabs or browsers and then come to my dolphin website it automatically set my status to offline.

Basically, i open two browsers because I’m trying to test functions on my site. I use firefox and IE, so i switch between the two browsers when testing.

But every time i switch between browsers the other profile goes offline, so it is difficult to test things like chat and also things like 1col mod from ilbellodelweb.

When you logging to Boonex you get the option to ''stay logged in for a week'' is there a way to apply this function to my site, or is there a way to keep profiles online permanently even when switching between browsers?


If someone knows how to fix this I am more than happy to pay.


Thank you for all your time in advance,

Chris Hoole


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