CeliaCmodificationsOpen budget2 bids$175 average bid29th of June 2010

I need a programmer for 2 small jobs


Build similar greeting function as tagged.com has, where you have ability to visit profile, and you see a heart meter, and you can give that person from 1  to 10 hearts, depending on how much love you have for them. I want ability to send beating hearts, broken hearts, etc.. Contact me for more details


Ability to insert html comments, embedd videos/picture,audio in comments, and make it very similar as tagged.com

Contact me if you have any questions please

I put free as price, because I dont know how much this job costs, so please submit your offers how much you would charge!

ESASE10th of July 2010bid: $200  timeframe: 6 daysPermalink
it's easy for me, will glad to help you
concytec30th of July 2010bid: $150  timeframe: 10 daysPermalink
Hi I can do it for you, here some examples: http://newtonyc.org/ http://www.govit.com/ http://communaute.convivoo.com/ http://www.electionu.com/ http://www.sobrietysingles.com http://www.mylatinlady.com/http://www.vecindaria.com http://www.cupidicity.com http://www.meetlatinlove.com http://www.globalwebideas.com Contact email: arcecito_net_4@hotmail.com Regards
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