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Keyword Alert Email



I am looking to have a keyword alert email. Where for example, if the members set a new alert with keyword XXX, then they will receive any new item alerting him about new content with the word XXX inside. This should be similar to Google Alerts, see http://www.google.com/alerts


Members should be able to:

1. manage the keyword alerts (enable, disable and edit).special manage keyword page with a link to add new keyword.


2. member can select the module that he wish to receive alert about.. these modules include: events, news, groups, photo, videos, youtube video zone, music, discussions, and jobs (i have jobs module from modzzz). Please have a look at goolge alerts page: http://www.google.com/alerts#results_BLOG


3. Admin also, should be able to disable/enable some of the modules, where they member will not have the ability to set the keyword alert email for.


4. members can set the alert type, whether the keyword must appear in the title field, or the entire item. for example, member can set an alert for the keyword XXX only if it appear in the blogs title. But at the same time, he want to receive an alert if it appear in the discussion but at any location, whether forum title or content.


5. Member must be able to select the email frequency. Options are: as-it-happens, once a day and once a week. Different email template for each one of them.


6. For the email templates, it should be exactly same design with categories for each section to be added. Please refer to Google email template http://www.google.com/alerts,


7. A block in the account page with the following: 1. edit box to enter a new keyword 2. a link to manage the keywords. After entering the keyword into the edit box, and clicking submit, the member will be redirected to the add new keyword page, with the keyword name pre-filled with the value entered in the block.


9. in the members menu, a new icon with + sign to be added, once clicked, a pop-up window to be shown with the keyword add fields (keyword, type, how often) and a button to create the keyword. once the create button clicked, the pop-pup should disappear. the pop-up should be similar to the one used for login pop-up screen, it should return the member to wherever he was, without refreshing the page. a link to go to manage keywords page to be beside the create button.



I don't mind if the developer would like to sell this as a module in the market. If you require any clarification, please let me know.


If another member wish to carry the cost of this module jointly, please contact me.


Best Regards,


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We can do that. Contact me if you need more informations.
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