redonkulessmodifications, creation modulesOpen budget1 bids$1000 average bid19th of July 2010

Module developers

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for one to two great module creators. I'm going to be purchasing a few modules that I need tied together and a few modules created from scratch. Because the nature of these modules I'm not going into detail about them. But I know the total project is about a 3 week project (if the programmers are talented) If interested please contact me asap. Once contacted I will look at your previous modules and look at the community feed back. If I feel that your talented enough to accomplish the project I will go over the project with you and see what we can work out.

Thank you for your time,

Redonkuless -

yahoo: m1ndfuc

concytec30th of July 2010bid: $1000  timeframe: 20 daysPermalink
Hi I can do it for you, here some examples: Contact email: Regards
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hie redonkuless,
would really be nice to work with you :)

Please make a contact for any boonex hardcore developement or professional installation.
I have few self made great mods.
Please let me know if this project is stiill open for bids.

warm regards
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