buzzpaulmodification, template, design, custom, module, payment$500-10001 bids$1000 average bid22nd of August 2010

Need URGENT help - please help

I need to have notificatiosn appear in my menu and lose the bottom icon bar


I need someone the help changes the CSS and layout of my profile page & friends page to look like my old social site


I need someone to help create a geni mod for me which can tag members


I need a page built like a facebook apps page where they can choose from these mods, for instance they click on date app and they get cupid mails and can run searches, and then they can choose to create a family tree with the geni mod and add it to their profile


i need my template changed to have the sub menus in tabs on the breadcrum bit...


I need someone to help add the users profile pic the my menu


i need to have a step by step join process much like my old social site does...


please someone help, i've gone through so many developers all who have wasted countless days.


if you can, i'd like a chatroulette style  page, but which can only work with members of the site, but only with their friends who are online


I also want each memeber to create their own store page, with logo, categories, products and payment center to add their paypal details

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I can help me..... my personal contact info is in the download. I also have video tutorials on my site to help you maybe save a few dollars.
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