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Need coupon code in membership module

After filling out the join form they land on the "My Memberships" page where they choose their membership.  I need the ability for them to enter a coupon code that automatically actives their membership for free.  The coupon code is set in the modules admin.


They either enter the proper code and get free membership or they have to pay for membership.


I currently use Martinboi Subscriptions Module.  Martinboi hasn't responded to any questions or requests about his modules in over a month which is why I need to post this here now.


This could also work with the standard Membership module in Boonex.  If they enter the code then it automatically approves them for "X" membership level for free.

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Here is what is needed specifically:

1. Settings > Membership Levels

Add a field under settings that contains the coupon code. The code is tied to the Standard Level Membership.

2. m/membership/index - In the Available Membership Types section First Row

Icon | Text | Text Field | Submit

Icon - A default image can be placed here.
Text - (Launguage Settings) customized per user. Ours would be something like:"ABCD Association members enter your member code:"

Upon Submit see more it matches the code entered in #2 with the code in #1. If True then membership equals Active. If False, then error message (language file editable).
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