marcus-mpmodifications, upgrades, installations$1000-20003 bids$1066.33 average bid29th of July 2010

Need experienced Dolphin Developer to build simple MOD

We are looking for an experienced Dolphin Developer to build a simple MOD that will drop in a custom piece of Javascript and DIV tags on Boonex pages via the Admin tool.

When the page with the Javascript loads, it calls another action method on a different server which fires a modal pop-up overlay based on the parameters passed in by the Javascript

function and DIV tags on the html page.

The modal pop-up overlay is essentially a pay-wall that users sign up for a membership to premium content on the Boonex site(This part is already built.) Any page that the javascript is

on will fire the paywall.

Project Requirements:

1. To activate MOD, need to pass Boonex user account info to another our which will return a json object or similar with an account id. The id will be the parameter passed in by the

custom javascript function.

2. Once MOD is activated, Admin needs to be able to drag and drop a widget(similar to html block in Boonex) on any given page template that adds the javascript to the page, effectively

marking the page as subscription content.

3. In the admin panel for the MOD, will need to include a link to our management console or an iframe with our management console loaded inside it.

4. MOD needs to be compliant with Dolphin code standards for easy integration and potential adoption into Dolphin core distribution.

Please send resume with your contact details and references. Any pass Dolphin related work should be included.

The budget for the project is $1500

Kind Regards,

Marcus Lee
VP, Product Management

concytec30th of July 2010bid: $1500  timeframe: 30 daysPermalink
Hi I can do it for you, here some examples: Contact email: Regards
anyakates4th of August 2010bid: $999  timeframe: 5 daysPermalink
hello, India worker here. Contact me for complex boonex developement. Thanks
Elvis228th of August 2010bid: $700  timeframe: 5 daysPermalink
Professional programmer! Contact me`!
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better to contact . very professional and i have my website and certain other jobs in thewebsite got it done by them.

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