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Promotion Video for my site! $$$

Hi There all

I am about to launching my site  ( within a couple of weeks to a month. Therefore, I am looking for someone ( Person's voice in video should be of a native English speaker and also with clear Pronunciation ) to create a video commercial that i can use to show on you tube and also on PR-Web. It should be about how my site works and describing the most important features of my site

If you can help me with this and have a demo or sample video of my site to show me (video using my site) that you have made a prototype; ill send you information on mail.

Please send me your price on this project!

Best regards



Tour Memories Team

No bids so far.
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Please add some sample video with your bid. Thanks
tell me i can make it/
any reference video?
ok i start working my sample tonight :P
Xiro this is my sample

i have the high quality version
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