gabsterinomodifications, upgradesOpen budget2 bids$1425 average bid18th of July 2010

Redesigning of dolphin, new template and functions


I am looking for someone that knows dolphin and can give me a new template as well as new functions.

My goal is to change dolphin to be a clone of the site .


A more travel and lifestyle community, with maps of visited countries etc, also has some features that i dont need

and boonex dolphin have some features that i want to have that dont have.


I have a full description for users that are interested in doing this, as well as a desired template to my site.


Please take contact if you are up for a job!


PS: Website name will only be given to the selected service provider

CeliaC20th of July 2010bid: $1650  timeframe: 45 daysPermalink
have a nice time.
concytec30th of July 2010bid: $1200  timeframe: 50 daysPermalink
Hi I can do it for you, here some examples: Contact email: Regards
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