Ardicusupgrades, custom$50-1000 bids$0 average bid27th of September 2010

Revamp for my networking/dating site.

Well i have decided on a few things that my little skill can not do unfortunately. I am wanting to add a front page to gain entrance into my site prior to log in. this page will entail my site and alert people they must be 18 years and older and have to accept to get in, it can be flash if need be.  the site is located at, and I will also need a revamp of its page templates to something nice for a community date site with proper facebook, twitter , and myspace log ins..... I


am kinda strapped atm and cant afford too much due to recent disability, but  under 100.00 preferred for now, unless you are willing to make other arrangements with me which we can discuss.


please let me know your offers, and we can discuss arrangements for this.




No bids so far.
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