jubiijanFixingmodification, installations, payment$50-1001 bids$90 average bid2nd of March 2011

Reward will be given...

I have a problem when new users sign up to my page. Some of the profiles are not wieveable. Let´s say I have 10 new signups, and 5 of those don´t work. I can see all the profiles in "new members" but when I click on a memer´s picture, I´m getting a blank page.

I have tried many things, and I think this error came when I upgraded from 7.0.4 -7.0.5

YobiLab2nd of March 2011bid: $90  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
We can fix it for you. Let me know. YobiLab.com
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Thanks guys... I allready have got one to fix this...
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