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Separate features by gender / sex

I will need the gender field to control the following:


We will have a free trial period for all members regardless of gender but they should only see the opposite gender in any lists of members.





Males will not be required to upload photos at all, but can if they wish.


Males will not need to have their photos or profiles pre-approved when they pay to join but they will need to agree to a pledge different then females.


Once males agree to the pledge they can join and their membership level will pay a different fee then females.




Female membership levels will have a different fee then men to join.
The females terms or pledge will be different then men.
Females will be required to upload photos and will need to be pre-approved by the administrator before their profile goes public or they pay to join. 

I want to also control these things differently for each sex/gender.


When a member logs in I want the search criteria to show only the opposite gender.  No options for gender search criteria will be offered.  The search criteria will be determined by the gender.  In other words, a Female member will only see male profiles in featured, searches etc. and visa versa for Males.


I am not concerned with couples I would like to just turn that off.



YobiLab23rd of February 2011bid: $350  timeframe: 9 daysPermalink
We can easily complete this job
dragon_x3024th of February 2011bid: $300  timeframe: 7 daysPermalink
i can do this project perfectly and see my profile to see my skills and my done projects and last review thanks
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