okatananiModificationmodification$50-1001 bids$50 average bid16th of February 2011

Small and quick modifications


I want to have the following changes, this could be done at the code level, there is no need to provide any admin interfaces to manage it:

1. search results to have the job title, company and country fields. default view to be extended
2. Upon searching for a member, return the results ordered by the membership level ID
3. "Standard" membership is able to send messages to their friends only, other membership levels are allowed to send to any.
4. Country search field, to have the default value of all countries. Also, you did that for me before, and I lost it once I upgraded my site.


Best Regards,


dragon_x3016th of February 2011bid: $50  timeframe: 1 daysPermalink
انا احمد من مصر ممكن اعملك اللى انت عاوزة ابعتلى ايميلك علشان نتكلم اكتر
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