buzzpaulmodification, template, design, custom, module, payment, video chatOpen budget0 bids$0 average bid16th of August 2010

URGENT boonex mods and custom work needed - like super quick

Family tree mod like geni to have tagging as well, I have a stpry mod that needs fixing


I need to video chat to be customised to flip to random friends only (like but only for friends in their network


I want everything to made like an app store, so to join the dating side of the site, or to build a family tree, they sellelct this app to add to their profile


some template changes also need to be done, like i need the profile pic to be added on the top right of my template andthe logo to change upon template change...

i need to sign up process off steps to also be converted from my old site


I also want to remove the bar at the bottom and have the notifications in the me to have a look at the old and new site


I also need memebers to create their own store, add products and takement by paypal


But, i can only pay upon seeing some work, i've paid so many people in advance and not seen any work.


No bids so far.
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I am ready.

let me look at your site please.

thank you
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