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Urgent: SubMenu and Privacy Options


I have 2 items that need to be worked on at my site (

First thing is the submenu which does not appear for all the main menu options. It is there for example in blogs, but not on articles or events etc.

Second I want the photos, audio  and video sections customised so that when the user uploads any image or audio etc. it should be by default in the private group and not shared publicly. The user should have to explicitly share the photos for them to appear in the public area. By default dolphin works the other way around.

Third, there are errors when uploading events or creating groups etc, where media cannot be uploaded with them such as photos etc.

Let me know if you can work on these items and how much will you be charging. This is an urgent requirement.



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$250 , 3 days required time.
hie ads,
would really be nice to woork with you :)

Please make a contact for any boonex hardcore developement or professional installation.
warm regards
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