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add all free mods to my website

If any one knows how to add the free mods to my website i will pay you 50 dollars!

No bids so far.
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I can do it for $50. What is your current dolphin installation version and which free modules you want to install?Kindly discuss through PM
Are you talking about the stock ones that come with Dolphin? You don't need to pay anyone to do that. Just click tools in admin, then "modules".. they are all there and you can install them.
lol I don't mean those. I meant 3rd party mods. There are a lot of 3rd party free modules out there. Not the stock ones. Thank you for your response though.
All of them?
Best to figure out which ones you will use first... there's a lot of free mods out there, many you will prob not need depending on what your doing with your site.
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