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Add Custom HTML and CSS features to my Website

I am Ceo of The following job I am looking to hire someone for is the following:


Add custom html and css features to my website in order to allow users to be able to add custom html and css code to their profile to create unique profile layouts. I have included three images for reference as to what I am wanting implemented on my website.

1. Image 1 (Soundlyt1 Image) - Shows how their website is set up to allow members to select to either add Html or css code.

- Function for : The VIP section will be viewable to all membership levels and all membership levels of will be able to use the function.


2. Image 2 (Soundlyt2 Image) - Shows how the feature looks as default when you click on Custom Html code tab.

- Function for When implemented in user will be able to adjust / add their own custom profile layout code in order to custom adjust the look of their indivual profile only. These settings should not affect any other users profile.


3. Image 3 (Soundlyt3 Image) - Show how the feature looks as default when you click on Custom CSS code tab.

- Function for Should perform the same way as the Custom Html area performs.


Once custom profile codes are input in these two areas, users will be able to create a customized profile like this example link:


Once again this job is to allow users of to create fully customizable profile layouts by adding custom html and css code to their profile. This is NOT a modification to any other script I may have installed on my site already. This is a custom job and requires knowledge with dolphin based websites code / platform and also requires knowledge of custom layouts and music based websites.


Reference websites which allow users to add custom html and css code to their profile are:


Please only reply to this job if you are ready to work on this job Now and are 100% sure you can complete the job.

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With the Dolphin Profile Customiser and the module from the market, Profile Composer; you can easily accomplish this by simply installing those modules.
geek girl,

I already have profile composer but that is only for adding html boxes. The job I am posting is not for adding html boex but rather creating customized profile layout. I have already spoken to the developer of profile composer and he agrees his mod cannot perform the custom task of what I am looking for.
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