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Adult web site needs attention

I have an adult web site - - it looks nice but it is a disaster. Slow to load. itsy-bitsy tiny weeny little text links, the worst possible site to navigate. In five years I have earned next to nothing from it. And yet it has more potential than a water truck filled with aqua in the desert.


Other sites have sprung up,  nothing like as nice looking as mine, and they are earning thousands of dollars every week. All I've ever lacked are the funds to make oztaboo work properly. Two guys from this area have looked at it, made one or two alterations, and yet the site is still shit.


I am not a rich man but I will borrow whatever it takes to make work, and work well.


Take a look, make an offer, and we'll take it from there.


Cheers, Alan Douglas

No bids so far.
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