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Advanced Profile Customize Module


I have been looking everywhere for an advanced profile customize module but it seems no one has ever made one.

So I'm looking for someone who can make one. The default profile customize module by Boonex is too simple and my users don't like it. If you ever heard of PHPFox, it has a very advanced profile customize. I would love to have a similar feature like that.

Please PM me if you can do it.


YobiLab18th of February 2013bid: $1500  timeframe: 15 daysPermalink
Hello, It's possible to create a phpFox like profile customization system on Dolphin. It will require some changes to the core or creating a separate profile system. We have worked on phpFox a lot and we are Boonex top traders and Bosun, so we know both CMSs very well and we can help you realizing this project. If you need more info just send us a PM. Waiting to hear from you
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