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Altering the default matching feature

Currently, the profile matching feature of Dolphin matches a member's home location (Country, State, City, Zip), and other profile fields, with that of another member.  Given the nature of my site which is based on Modzzz's Travel and Availability Notice mod, I would like the default match making feature to match a member's home location (and other profile fields) with the destination location of another member's travel or availability notice.  For example, the default feature would only match members in New York to other members in New York.  However if a member from New York posts a travel notice to Los Angeles, I want members in Los Angeles to be matched to that New York member.  And if a 3rd member from Miami is also traveling to Los Angeles at the same time as the New York member, then I want for them to match.

At minimum, I would need to locations (destination-home or destination-destination) to match.  Then, if you can make it work to also match based on other designated profile fields (as current in the default feature), that would be great.

If you think you can tackle this task, please let me know with your quote.

shanez206th of April 2012bid: $100  timeframe: 3 daysAssignedPermalink
Hello, I have a lot of experience with dolphin and this won't take me long to do for you. Let me know when you want me to get started. :) Shane
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