truluvlifeOtheranimation, design$50-1001 bids$120 average bid13th of December 2011


I need a 10 second animation with details TBA later by email. I have it all laid out what I want. I have never paid someone to do an animation for me so I'll take offers $50.00 - $100.00 to be paid by PayPay. Anyone interested just contact me here.

YobiLab14th of December 2011bid: $120  timeframe: 4 daysPermalink
Hello. We con create any kind of animation. Contact us if interested. YobiLab di Pucci Diego VAT: 01047220577 Via A. Salandra 18, 00187, Rome Lungotevere degli Inventori 54, 00146, Rome Via A. Manzoni 50, 02100, Rieti Tel: 800 612 992 Fax: 800 034 454
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