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Assistance maintaining a Dolphin server

I am setting up a new Dolphin site on a dedicated server hosted by ‘a very experienced Dolphin host’. The server will run on CentOS and the host will install Dophin and RMS and will optimise the server for Dolphin, including all necessary PHP and MySQL configuration tweaks, as well as XCache for dedicated cache features. However I’m looking for someone to help me finish the set-up process and monitor and maintain the server on an ongoing basis, including:


> Securing the server, including setting-up, monitoring & managing the firewall etc.


> Setting-up, monitoring & managing backups (the server will have 2x 1TB SATA II-HDDs setup in RAID1 configuration, but I’d also like an off-site backup solution that’s automated if possible).


> Helping me grant access to the server to trusted vendors for module installation etc, whilst managing any risk associated with that process. (I'm planning to stick with modules from 2  trusted vendors who have both offered to install their modules for me first-time round).


I'm thinking the above would probably be a fee for an initial set-up with some training for me (I have no previous server management experience), and then possibly a quick monthly health check to ensure everything is running smoothly.


I’d like to find a person who would also be willing to help with occasional minor modifications and upgrades of the dolphin software, including module installs / re-installs and troubleshooting where necessary etc, plus upgrades of other server software as required. This could be priced on a per-job basis but I’d like the confidence that I have someone to hand to call on at a pre-agreed hourly rate who understands our setup etc.


Obviously the more Dolphin experience the person has the better. Are you interested? 

No bids so far.
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Hello FieldStar,

It sounds like you started this project without realising what is involved in running such a project and without comparing the options available to you. If I were you, I would re-think my current approach and go a different route.

I run websites for the past eight years, including a social-network with 50.000 members and have been playing around with Dolphin since 07/08/08. I also have released several modules/hacks for Dolphin in the past weeks and can come up with a plan see more that would fulfil al your Dolphin needs.

If you're interested feel free to PM me

Kind regards,

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