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Automate External Blogs feeds to my D7 site

I am looking for ways to automate external Blogs from or other sites to my D7 site.

Basically, I have members who are asking me to send their Feeds AUTOMATICALLY from their Blogs at to my D7 site.  Some of my members don't want to write Blogs on multiple places, they want to be able to write a Blog on Blogger or other places and be able to send feeds automatically to their Blog on my D7 site wether using RSS feeds or other ways to implement this process, don't matter..

Furthermore, if the above request can be accomplished, I as the site owner don't want my visitors to click on their Blogs on my site and the next thing they ended up reading the full Blog at Instead, I want them read the full Blog content on my site w/o leaving my site.

For now, I can create an HTML Block on my site using some of my members RSS feed, but the problem with that is that when I click on their Title Blog, I get directed to his Blog at Blogger site.. Not good !  Like I said, my visitors should remain on my site..

Hope I am making sense. If this is something you can do, plz contact me.

Thank you.

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could you not use rss feeds to do this?
You cant do this with the standard RSS feed, it will only post links from your site to the feed site.

Closest thing Ive found with this is to create a modified hyperlink to the blog feed (s) you want that then open a mini-browsing window for that page as a pop up on top of your current page.

Set it so the pop up does not include an address/search bar and the user can then browse the blog in the window, but has to close it to do anything else, then your site is still open underneath.

It's see more a half way fix though as they could still browse the feed site fully but in a reduced size pop up window but will be forced back to your site to go anywhere else.

Other than that, - custom job.
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