yayadkModificationmodification$50-1000 bids$0 average bid8th of September 2012

Blur the image

I would like to get some offers from top dolphin developers on a mod that will give the users on the site the oportunity to blur part/s of an image before/after they uploaded it in order to saty somehow annonymous.

Pls get back to me with the price, estimated time and examples of your past work.

Tnx in advance


No bids so far.
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take this as a comment not as a bid ...
what you have asked for isnt impossible but it requires flash application ...
doing such would be extremely expensive compared to the feature you get ...
i can estimate such a work for around 500$
and i can do it in matter of a week
but i dont think that is the ind of budget your going after ...
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