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books module.

i am looking for a books module. i want user to be able to create books and chapters and start writing their book on my site. this module can be made working on existing blog or articles module. Functions should be as following :


-->Author (User) create a book name

--> create book chapters (for example.upto 25 chapters)

--> author can name all the chapters at the start of the book.

--> but he can only edit maximum of 3 chapters at a time. He/she will have to close one of those theree chapters to open a new (fourth)  chapter.

--> once started chapter, author can grant permission for other people to look and read the book while he is writing it. he can give permission to everyone (public), or friends only (friends with author) or he can create a group of people who will be allowed to see the book.. this function should work the entire book and individual chapters.

-->other people can send suggestions for the chapters. they can highlight a paragraph or chapter and send suggestions to the author, then author can review the suggestions and either accept it (edit the book, chapter, paragraph) or sends back a thankyou message saying "no i dont want to edit the book".

--> after the book is finished author can convert it into a PDF on the site and start selling it on the site. Or he can download a copy of the PDF and publish it himself. 


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you need deeper pocket for this one..
well if you cant do it on m budget, there is no need to reply. just leave the page.
nazzal is a good guy, but that was a bit of frustration as i have got too many comments in my inbox like that.
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