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Boonex based site development

We are a small charity here in Canada and would like to build a social site to help raise money for charity. We would need you to set up Dolphin, need a splash page installed (i've seen some good ones for little money) and have it set up so only paid members can access the site (one membership level only). We may add one or two mods as well.


As a charity we are on a tight budget but can provide many rewards such as providing you with *generous* charitable receipts (save you on your year end taxes) and may even consider a profit sharing arrangement with the right partner (providing long term passive income).  


And of course you would have our eternal gratitude... :)


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i will be ready to help within your budget :)
I am interested ,contat me please to start on it .
I can do this. david 954-634-7709
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